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Haskelberg Nursery is one of the leading and largest plants nurseries in Israel.
The nursery produces over 200 varieties of plants to growers, gardeners, nurseries and private customers in Israel and worldwide.

In addition, the nursery exports plant material to projects all over the world. One of the nurseries beliefs is long term project and cooperation, so each project starts with a deep thinking and analyzing with the customer of the requirements versus the conditions on site such as climate, water quality, soil type, current infrastructure, marketing goals and all other aspect that may affect the project.

All these in order to find the plant material with the highest potential for the project.
Any delivery of plant material would start with filling a basic questionnaire by the customer to have an initial understanding of the local site. Any site is new, each condition has to be analyzed carefully based on our experience with caution but with creative thinking of being unique and better than standard.

This concept is relevant to all our projects and specifically in our Canacado projects. A unique selection of quality rootstocks suitable to various conditions that should maximize the quality of an avocado project anywhere. Click here for the questionnaire

Some Examples of our products:

ProductPlant Material TypesDetails
AvocadoSeedsWestern Indian, MexicanUsed for germination and as rootstocks for grafted plants.
Seed's export is for nurseries of customers with germination equipment and knowledge.
The seeds type is selected from our seedlings rootstocks selection that can be found here (Click here to Canacado Table).
AvocadoBud Woods
Avocado Varieties, We export buds for grafting in a follow up nursery or orchard on site. Shipping buds is a sensitive delivery which should be planned in advance and coordinated with a professional nursery on site that will get rootstocks ready in advance.
Canacado RootstocksIn addition, for our Canacado partners that would sign a franchise agreement with us, we would send Canacado buds to graft in order to establish mother plants for producing Canacado plants independently.
AvocadoPlantsGrafted on seedling or Canacado clonal rootstocks.Delivery of grafted plants is depending on the Phytosanitary requirements on the destinated country.
The plant size and age would be determine based on the customer type – follow up nursery or a grower that would plant it directly in the orchard.
Usually, it will be sent in a 1-liter bag, after at least 6 months in our nursery.
In addition we market plants in biodegradable bags which allows a stronger and healthier root system, and easier planting in the field.
AvocadoMicro ClonesCanacado rootstocksSuitable for a professional follow up nursey
Micro Plants
Canacado Grafted Plants
AvocadoTissue CultureCanacado rootstocksSoon…….
Canacado Grafted PlantsSoon...
Other VarietiesSeeds, Buds, PlantsLink to CatalogWe export all kind of plants from our catalog. It can be sent as plant material to a follow up nursery or as grown plants for direct planting in the orchard.
Consultancy The nursery staff, together with the top professionals in Israel, also serves as an accompaniment team for projects under construction or existing ones.
Starting with analyzing field conditions and adjusting crops, technical assistance in planning a nursery or agricultural project and ongoing assistance in maintaining a nursery and / or grown orchards.

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