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A professional questionnaire for analyzing the conditions of the area and finding the right rootstocks

What is the soil type on site?

What is the Active Lime level in the soil?

Is the soil infected with Verticillium fungi?

Is the soil infected with Phytophthora fungi?

What is the level of salinity in the water?

What is the requested tree size in the orchard?

Are there frosts occasions in the area?

Are there heat waves in the area?


We are pleased to inform you that we have the right rootstocks to grow in these conditions:

  • Soil Type: Light
  • Calcium In Soil: Medium
  • Verticillium Infection: Yes
  • Phytophthora Infection: No
  • Water Salinity: Heavy
  • Requested Tree Size: Dwarf
  • Frosts Occasions: No
  • Heat Waves: No

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